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Jeremy Lanier is the owner of a film production business. He makes a unique brand of movie. The kind talked about in whispers, seldom screened in public, and much sought after by an exclusive clientele. Jeremy decides he requires a particular, and highly illegal, product that will add the realism to his films that is not to be seen anywhere else except in newsreels depicting the aftermath of battles and natural disasters. Alice Hunnicutt begins work as an actress at Nightshade Film Productions at the age of seventeen and swiftly rises to become a top star and money-earner despite initial low esteem and a background of poverty. These two will clash, and as a result struggle to survive both in life and in death owing to a monster named Grendel.

John, a farm boy from the Lower Mainland of British Columbia, enters into the picture long after crucial events have made a ghost town of the hidden home of Nightshade Films and as two trapped human spirits and a monster that cannot die vie for supremacy in a macabre dance that seems to have no end.

Julie Calvert is the richest kid in the galaxy, with a life of ease and advancement before her, except one mistake has ripped her from her cozy future, and sent her to the galaxy's outer reach. Now Calvert has something to prove, and a very deep hole out from which she must climb just to come even again.

A caretaker mission becomes something quite different as an ambitious youngster sets out to do whatever it takes. But something ominous is on the horizon, an alien presence of incredible power and potential.

What do you give the kid who has everything? Julie Calvert is about to find out what that thing is in the worst manner possible.